We’re warm weather people all the way, so we thought it would be fun to do an anti-traditional tour of sorts in the cabana. Why? Because it’s been a rough couple of years, if we’re being completely honest. So here’s to celebrating however we want – and making all the little things festive. A Christmas Cabana tour today! 

{If you’re familiar with us, then you’ve seen this before. Maybe pretend you haven’t? Because I bet most haven’t, and this still makes us happy. Yes, I am officially dialing it in after a long few months and a cold… I’m ready to settle in for a long winter’s nap- either way, happy touring!} 

But honestly, I’d probably do it anyway. If the handmade hideaway isn’t safe…

I just couldn’t help myself.

This fun, colorful space was just begging for a tinsel tree and fun vintage-esque ornaments. 

And we couldn’t resist these little star lights!

They add some extra sparkle in our yard at night. 

We’re still using the space for as long as we can, when the days are a little warmer. The way Nashville weather is, we can probably steal another surprisingly warmer day here or there this winter.

But adding a little Christmas cheer is just perfect.

Our shelves were begging for a few happy little trees a-la Bob Ross.

We love our little golden tree! It’s oh so happy, too.

I think I’ll be staring at this space longingly all winter long, and then dragging out the space heaters to enjoy it a little longer. 

Safely, of course. 

It’s so warm and inviting at night!

Hurray for that fun, colorful vintage look. 

We love the view of our house at night, from the cabana.

It’s so sparkly! Except this is last year’s view, because now it’s done!  

Carl {pronounced Coral a-la the walking dead} loves being decked out in stars at night.  

If you want to see the original tour of the cabana, with all the details, be sure to check it out here. 

The entire series on building it, can be found here!

Thanks for tuning in for our little tour today. 

Let us know if we can answer any questions, or point you in the right direction!

Happy holidaisical decorating! We know the days are coming to a close quickly, and we hope that you’re able to grab a little joyful time with loved ones, and a little rest in the in between. We’re thinking of you!

Have an inspired day. 

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