a very merry holiday, from our family to yours

We hope that the holidays are wonderful for you this year. In their very own way.

We know that celebrations and Christmas and the holidays… can be hard. They can be filled with pressures and stress and travel and difficult for those that have suffered a really hard loss. Or maybe for those who aren’t a part of a “picture perfect” family situation. {Who really is?} Life can honestly be pretty brutal sometimes. It can throw some real blows.

We’ve found that it’s in the imperfect, and even painful moments that we find the real beauty of life. 

We hope that you take a second to celebrate the bittersweet of this year. The wins, the losses, and the grateful moments with what you have. We hope you relish in the joy and appreciate where you are, no matter what that looks like for you.

We’re really reflecting on our year, and how grateful we are for all of you. Once again, we couldn’t do this without you. You continue to amaze us. We truly cherish you. Each stop-by to read a little, each heart on the social medias, every tiny comment or share or save, means so much to our little family business. 

To our wonderful readers, amazing clients and incredible partnerships with awesome brands, we are so very floored and humbled by the continued support and love you show us. We’re just so very thankful.

So, we just wanted to say thank you. 

We’re wishing you brighter days, lots of moments relishing the present moment with your people, and time spent doing something you truly love. Here’s to a bright year filled with hope, ahead. We wish you a very merry holiday from our family to yours. 

Thank you, so very much.

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