Here are the top 10 most popular podcast episodes from 2022. Before I share the list, I just want to say THANK YOU for listening to our podcast.

We get quite a few emails every week from listeners, and the consensus is our podcast is a cozy, comfortable listen—especially when you’re going through a hard time and need something easy and uplifting to listen to.

It is one of the great honors of my life to be there for you in this way. Sometimes, I feel like our podcast is just two sisters rambling about who knows what. And while that’s somewhat true, it means a lot that it means something to you.

Thank you for the emails. Thank you for the reviews. We have some fun things planned for the A Beautiful Mess podcast in 2023 that we hope you will love.

Also, just a reminder, we have the

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I cannot tell you how happy it makes me when readers try and love our recipes. I love seeing them on Instagram when you tag us, and I love reading the comments.

Did you know when you leave a comment you can also leave a 5-star review? This helps us grow, so if you’ve tried a recipe and liked it, please click the stars. Thank you to everyone who has—we moderate comments so we see them!

Here are the 10 most popular recipes we published in 2022.

1. Favorite Things to Make in My Air Fryer – I had NO idea how much you all would like this post! I get asked a lot what I use my air fryer for when people are considering buying one, but aren’t sure if they will use it. I use mine almost every day, lol.

2. You also loved 15 Easy No-Bake Desserts.

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This time of year I think it’s really fun to look back and evaluate the past year. So, in that spirit this week, we thought we’d share what were the most popular posts from 2022.

We like to blog about lots of different topics, but in this post I am going to focus on the most popular home and craft posts that were written and published in 2022.

If you’re a frequent ABM reader, see if you can guess before reading this list. Some of them surprised me!

1. The most popular home decor post of the year was When an Open Floor Plan is Too Open. Elsie shared a number of “before” photos of her entryway/living room/dining room, which she was in the process of converting into a less open floor plan.

You can see how some of these spaces turned out, too—take a look at her entryway and

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The time in between all things holidays, and New Year’s… can always feel a little disorienting. What day is it? Why am I in a cheese coma? For us {when we actually get around to it} it can be a great motivator to start putting the chaos from the holidays back together again. And what better way to do that with a sale?! Today we thought we’d check in just in time to tell you all about out favorite bedding picks with Overstock! {And their Christmas Clearance.}

Because you’re not going to want to miss this. 

Our kiddos really love their own personal sanctuary. So of course we loved the opportunity to spruce up our middle’s space with some fresh sheets in a new hue from Overstock, to bring into the rotation. After all things chaos of the holidays and exams, they really want that one place to retreat

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Whether you are planning the perfect brunch menu or just have a craving for a fresh and bubbly delicious drink, the Peach Bellini is always a crowd pleaser any time of the year.

The classic Peach Bellini is basically made up of three ingredients: peach puree, Prosecco, and a few raspberries to give it that gorgeous slightly pink color.

Looking for more cocktail recipes? Try:

Classic Peach Bellini cocktail

Why is it called a Peach Bellini?

In 1948, the first Bellini was created in Harry’s Bar in Venice, Italy. The bar was a hot spot for celebrities of the day such as Humphrey Bogart, Truman Capote, and Ernest Hemingway.

According to the legend of the drink, the hue of the peach puree reminded him of the work of a local famous painter, 15th-century Venetian artist Giovani Bellini, and the drink spread all over the world from there.

What type of wine is best to

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