Antipasto Wreath – Christmas Appetizer

If you are looking for a festive way to serve a meat and cheese plate this holiday season, you should make this antipasto wreath! It’s the perfect Christmas appetizer for a party or family meal.

Antipasto is the traditional first course of a fancy Italian meal. It usually consists of meats, cheese, and other stackable sides like olives. It’s similar to charcuterie, but usually includes cheese and meat.

That being said, you could easily customize this holiday appetizer’s looks in different ways based on what you love.

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  • Cured meats such as salami or pepperoni
  • Cheese cubes such as cheddar and pepper jack
  • Olives and vegetables such as carrot sticks or cherry tomatoes
  • Fresh herbs for styling: rosemary, sage, and thyme work well

How to Make a Wreath Snack Board:

It’s best to serve this appetizer on a round cutting board or large round plate/serving dish. First, create a layer of fresh herbs for the wreath, then layer on the food.

Once you have everything arranged, you may want to add a few more fresh herbs to fill out the look of this antipasto wreath appetizer.

Tips for Making:

  • Create small bites by layering cheese, meat, an olive (or tomato) on a toothpick. This allows party guests to easily grab a few without needing to touch everything on the board.
  • Make this just before serving so the scent from the herbs will be fresh. You can make the toothpick bites ahead of time and refrigerate if needed.
  • Choose mostly foods that fit a wreath color scheme, like red, white, and green. This isn’t necessary, but it can add to the look of your antipasto wreath.


What is traditional antipasto?

It is the first of a coursed Italian meal that consists of cold meats, cheese, olives, and vegetables.

How is antipasto different from charcuterie?

Charcuterie usually does not include cheese—only meats and other assortments to go with the meats. Antipasto usually includes cheese as well as meats and other assortments.

What can I do with leftover fresh herbs?

If you want to use them for cooking/eating, be sure to freeze them before they go bad. Then, you can use them much later.

If you don’t plan to use them for cooking, you could also choose to add them to a stove simmer to add a holiday scent to your home.

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a Christmas wreath appetizer of antipasto snacks

Yield 10

Prep 10 mins

Total 10 mins


  • Assemble bites by adding meat, cheese, and an olive to toothpicks.

  • On the cutting board or serving dish, arrange most of the fresh herbs in a wreath shape.

  • Add the toothpick bites throughout.

  • Add other sides like carrot sticks or any other ingredients you wish to use.

  • Tuck in more herbs to fill you the wreath. Serve immediately.


  • You can make the toothpick bites ahead and refrigerate if needed. Arrange the antipasto wreath just before serving. 

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