How To Find an Apartment in NYC

Anyone who lives in NYC will tell you that the hardest part of moving there is finding a place to live. Rents are a premium, commutes are long, and spaces are small. What is a newcomer to New York City to do?

Tips and strategies on buying your first NYC apartment | CityRealty

Decide on Your Must-Have Item

Be prepared to cut down your list of things you want. A one-bedroom in an elevator building with a doorman may sound nice, but it may not fit in your budget. Pick the one thing you want most and let everything else go. Short commute? Dishwasher? Under a certain amount per month? Great. Then anything else you get is just gravy.

Research Neighborhoods.

Peter Cooper Village 2 bedroom will have a vastly different feeling than a walk-up in Astoria. Take time to check out the neighborhoods and determine which ones appeal to you. Some offer better commutes while others provide more peace and quiet. Finding the place where you will fit in is half the struggle.

Hire a Professional

While you don’t necessarily need a broker to rent an apartment in NYC, having one on your side can make the search a whole lot easier, especially if you are from out of town. You can also contact apartment complexes directly or check the wide variety of listing services. Use as many tools as you can to find the real gems hidden in the market.

Get Your Documents in Order

Before you even start visiting apartments, get your paperwork together and take it with you on every visit. Good apartments go fast in NYC, and you should be prepared to make an offer on the spot. Have a packet with the following; a photo ID, letter of employment on company letterhead, letters of reference, landlord letter of reference, and copies of recent pay stubs and bank statements.

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