Want to Get Clean? Time to Go Green!

So much of the news today is bad. With story after story about political unrest, economic uncertainty, and environmental catastrophe, it’s sometimes hard to see the positive developments happening all around us. One such positive development is the growing trend of green living. In so many areas of their lives, people are making better choices.

They’re eating clean, organic foods. They’re buying natural, fair-trade clothing. They’re driving more environmentally friendly cars. They’re even building homes out of renewable materials, and powering them with renewable energy sources. People aren’t waiting for their government to do this for them – they’re taking control of their own lives, and doing it themselves. It’s a positive development. It’s a movement that’s spreading… but perhaps it isn’t spreading far enough.

Consider this scenario: Elle wakes up to the smell of fair-trade coffee brewing in her kitchen. She goes through her morning routine, grabs her coffee, and heads out of the house she had built with eco-friendly materials and plenty of repurposed wood. She’s wearing all-natural clothing made by companies that avoid forced child labor. She gets in her electric car and drives to her office, where she spends the day lobbying for compassionate policies in her local government. She leaves work a little early, remembering that she has some friends coming over later. She wants the place to be nice for them, so she pulls out the harsh chemicals and disinfectants to clean up. What’s wrong with this picture?

So much care goes into choosing the best food, clothes, and even cars. The same kind of care should be taken when choosing cleaning products. Conscientious people are buying food that is healthy, ensuring that only the best goes into their bodies. It makes sense to work just as hard so that only the best surrounds their bodies.
Chemical cleaners can cause irritation of the skin (leading to irritation and even eczema), eyes (causing redness, watering, and swelling), and lungs (exacerbating allergies and asthma). They pose poison risks for children and pets. Some studies suggest that they affect immune systems, leading to overactive allergy responses. Then there are the effects that haven’t been fully explored yet. For example, many cleaners contain phthalates. The studies are still being conducted, but there are indications that phthalates might interfere with hormone levels. And this doesn’t even take into account the catastrophic damage that is done as these chemicals move through our sewer systems and into our water supplies…

Fortunately, there are green cleaning options available. With just a little research, it’s easy to find safe, natural, and environmentally friendly products that will perform just as well as these chemical cleaners. For those who don’t want to do this work themselves, there are a growing number of house cleaning services that have made the switch to eco-friendly cleaning products. Companies like Cleaning Pros have made that choice, recognizing that they can deliver a thorough and complete cleaning while keeping the home safe for families, pets, and the environment.

Some people love to take matters into their own hands – including cleaning. For those, however, who are happy to let someone else clean their house for them, it’s good to know that this trend toward green living now includes house cleaning. The knowledge that there are companies out there who care about the health of your family and the environment is the kind of knowledge that leads to peace of mind… and who doesn’t want that?


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