Outdoor Fences Serve Many Purposes

Outlining the perimeter of your property and securing your livestock were once the only reasons people would build a fence, but today’s population has many other motivations for building fences. Fences can outline property borders, provide a security barrier from unwanted intrusions, provide privacy, limit your pet’s access to the neighborhood and provide a decorative border around your home. Outdoor fences Lebanon PA can be utilitarian and aesthetically attractive, and they can be built from a wide variety of materials.
Perimeter Outliners
Residential perimeter fences tend to be more aesthetically pleasing than those built in industrial areas. Most industrial perimeter fences are tall metal fences built to keep others off the company’s property. These metal fences are the traditional chain link fences fixed to steel posts and topped with horizontal barbed wire to discourage climbers. On the other hand, a residential perimeter fence is often built from wood, brick or cast iron. You’ll often find these in upscale homes that seek to secure their grounds from the curious. Often these residential fences have additional security in the form of cameras and automated gates for entry and exit onto the property grounds.
Decorative Outdoor Fences
When it comes to decorative fences, the sky’s the limit. There are a wide number of options for decorative fences. The building of a fence can be due to simply outlining your lawn or defining your property lines. These fences can also be made from concrete, brick, wood, aluminum, vinyl, bamboo, wrought iron, galvanized steel and composite materials. Decorative fences tend to be below three feet in height when they are placed in the front yard. Back yard fences are more often considered privacy fences that sit up to 7 feet tall.

  • Picket Fences-These fences are three feet tall and made of wood or vinyl
    • Pool Fences-Starting at a minimum of four feet tall and usually of powder coated steel or aluminum. Installed for safety purposes.
    • Backyard Fences-These fences are usually taller and serve a dual purpose, to outline the property and to provide privacy when they are taller and closed fences.
    Privacy Fences
    Backyard privacy fences are usually limited by city codes. Most cities limit the height to six feet above grade and some may allow an addition of height in the form of a see-through add-on. This type of add-on would be in the form of lattice-work or some other type of open construction. Privacy fences are solid constructions with not visual access below a certain level. You’ll find them made from vinyl made to look like wood, wood and sheet metal. Vinyl fencing comes in a wide range of colors that are color-fast and wood grains that are built into the vinyl fencing when it’s being made. Metal privacy fences are often made from metal panels, the same panels used for building skin. These metal fences are ideal for dealing with high winds and extreme climates.
    Fences serve so many purposes; it requires a good eye to build the right one for your specific needs. Fences have traditionally been used for privacy, security and decoration. Decide the primary purpose of the fence and then shop for the right look for your property.

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