One of those things that stood out, was the creativity of the very poor in creating housing where there was none. All through the world, businesses and homes alike are often discarded, re-purposed shipping, or cargo containers.

This worked nice. Two capacitors on-line at seventy six cents each, plus $5.50 transport and handling. I had a little bit of trouble melting the outdated solder with a pencil iron and went to my greater soldering gun. I additionally used a pair of needle nostril pliers to straighten the ends of the old wire. That allow me put the gun on the outdated wire as a substitute of the board. The pencil iron labored great for putting the new solder on. As for the look of the bad capacitors, the highest was raised like a bad canning jar.

nakita ko po un design ng attic nyo mgnda po cia. sir meron dn … Read more

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