Black Interior Decoration Tips, All-Round Black Decorations Present a Unique and Different Atmosphere

Black interior decoration; the use of black color schemes is often avoided because of wrong assumptions; make the room feel dark and narrow. In fact, all-black decoration is able to present a unique and different atmosphere than usual.

Black shades on the interior is still rarely found. Many people are reluctant to decorate the interior of the room with the use of black. Assuming that black will only give a dark impression and make the room feel cramped, which is not entirely true. In fact, with the right application, black can actually give a modern and elegant impression to the room.

I thought I was bold having dark blue walls in my bedroom, but ...

The application of black is actually quite flexible. The black color can be applied in any room in the house. Not only the impression of masculine, the color of this one is also able to create a variety of atmosphere such as feminine space or even romantic.

Not wrong if you want to use black as the main color scheme of your home interior. It’s just that you need to pay attention to one thing, don’t use it excessively. Black will give the impression of cold and narrow if you apply excessively.

Don’t be afraid to explore, apply black properly by listening to some of the following black interior decorating tips.

Black Interior Decoration Tips with Bright Colors

The presence of a dark black color can indeed be bad for the room, especially if you have a room that is not too big. Black can make a small room feel more cramped. Use dove / matte black paint, this type of paint will help your walls that have uneven edges look neater.

As a counterweight to black, mix black with bright and bright colors as a color combination. You can use bright colors like light brown, blue and light green, pastel pink to white.

Avoid using dark colors for black interior combinations, such as dark blue, dark brown or maroon. The colors are not enough contrast when compared with black furniture, and add to the impression of darkness in the room.

Black Interior Decorating Tips on Lighting

Black will give the impression of dark because of its ability to absorb light. Thus, you must pay attention to the right lighting.

Apply black to spaces that are exposed to natural light reflection. This is in order to make a bright impact on a dark black room. If it’s still too dark, add some lighting to the corner of the room to create a dramatic effect on the room.

Another tip for getting good lighting is to use black only as an additional accent. You do this by selecting one particular side of the wall to be painted black, and the other part with white. Besides white, actually you can also explore other bright colors as previously mentioned. But to get good lighting, using white is the best way to display light in a dark color scheme.

Black Interior Decorating Tips with Furniture

You should consider the amount of black furniture that you will use. Avoid the use of large amounts of black furniture, as discussed earlier, black makes the room feel dark and narrow.

Use black furniture which is as big as three pieces. Because if more than that, your room will increasingly feel cramped and cramped. The use of brightly colored furniture such as white and pastel colors is highly recommended as an additional color for furniture in a black room.

Tips on Beautifying Black Interior Decoration

If your floor is dark in color, you can use a light-colored carpet with a fairly wide size. The presence of brightly colored carpets will give an elegant contrast. The bright carpet also neutralizes the excessive darkness that arises from the black furniture around.

In addition to the carpet, you can also present bright colors on sofa cushions, flower vases, curtains to wall hangings. Make sure you choose and use room accessories that have a balanced visual appearance.

As a sweet finishing touch, you can enhance your black design with wall hangings. Display photos of the best and most memorable moments of your life in the living room, family room and bedroom. In addition to photographs, you can also use typographic decorations; which displays inspirational sentences that you like.

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