The Changing Of The Cabinets

The cabinets in the bathroom often get overlooked when you begin remodeling the room. While you’re changing the floor and other details in the bathroom, consider changing the design of the cabinets to add a new dimension to the room as well as different colors. Talk with companies that specialize in bathroom cabinets Falls Church VA offers before trying to take on the work by yourself. It’s best to make a plan for the design that you want as well as the colors that you want in the room before you remove any doors or complete cabinets.

Blue cabinets with a front doors or drawers that have a smooth appearance are an option for the bathroom. When you think about the bathroom, you probably think about water, so the blue would tie in better than other colors if you want to go in this direction. Use a shade of blue that is light, blending it with the other details in the room so that your eye is drawn to the color. Create a modern look with a bowl sink and a towel bar on one end of the cabinet.

Another idea for remodeling the cabinets in the bathroom is to remove the doors, replacing them with drawers. They will add more space to the cabinet instead of having only two doors that lead to an open area. Depending on the size of the space, you can install two or three drawers to hold everything from brushes to hair accessories. A floating vanity is a modern idea to consider if you don’t want to deal with a full cabinet. You can install deep drawers at the front of the cabinet or even on the sides. The deep sinks and curved faucets can create a spa-type feeling in the room. Hang a few sconces on the wall instead of a traditional vanity light for a soothing effect. If you have long cabinets in the bathroom, change the doors and the color, making the cabinets the focal point of the room instead of just a functional piece of furniture for the sink and storage.

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