There is nothing quite like snuggling up by the fireplace on a cold winter day. A fire can bring so much warmth and comfort to your home, but maintaining a fireplace is essential to its longevity and safety. In order to maintain your fireplace, be sure to keep it cleaned regularly and inspected yearly. 

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Sweep Out Ashes

Wait until your fire completely burns out and no hot coals are remaining and sweep out all the ashes into a fire-safe bucket. Sweeping out ashes keeps your fireplace looking pristine and ready for another fire. Leaving ashes in the fireplace for too long can create unnecessary dust throughout the whole house. 

Clean the Chimney

If you are not having the services of a chimney sweep Washington DC, you are subjecting your home to a fire hazard. Ash and soot build up inside your chimney and can catch fire once it builds up too much. Check with the provider of this service to find out how often you should be having your chimney cleaned. Spending a little extra on chimney cleaning is worth the peace of mind to know that it is safe to use. 

Have Yearly Inspections

A fireplace can be a wonderful tool to keep your house warm but needs to be inspected regularly to maintain your home’s safety. Just as with any other system in your home, you want regular checkups to ensure that everything is running smoothly. An inspection can include checks for the tightness of seals around the chimney or any frailties in the materials supporting the chimney.

By following a few simple steps, you can keep your fireplace looking great and working safely for years to come. After performing the necessary maintenance, sit back with a mug of hot chocolate and enjoy the warmth of your home and hearth.

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