Steps And Fire Prevention At Home

Whether it affects your home or place of business, a fire can be an absolutely devastating and traumatic experience. Everything it can cause, from structural damage to the interior and exterior of the premises to smoke and soot damage in the air, adversely affecting the health of everyone inside. On top of those things, there is also the issue of water damage stemming from efforts to put out the fire, which can wreak havoc on the building itself as well as all property inside. Water damage can also lead to the development of mold, which can lead to health problems for your family or employees.

Overall, a fire is a horrible, disastrous situation that can occur even without a moment’s notice. It’s absolutely essential to know about the most common causes of home fires, in particular, so that you can take measures to avoid such a devastating event. The following are the most common:

  • Candles:

 Never leave candles unattended

  • Children:

 Always educate your children about the dangers of fire, playing with matches and using the stove irresponsibly. If your child is old enough to use the stove, teach them about doing so safely

  • Cooking equipment:

 Always keep a close eye on the stove while cooking and make sure there isn’t an issue of splattering grease

  • Electrical cords and overloaded outlets:

 Avoid overloading your outlets and ensure all electrical cords are in good shape. Replace any that are frayed, especially when there’s exposed wire

  • Faulty wiring:

 Keep your home or business’ wiring up to date

  • Grilling and barbecues:

 Only grill on the outdoor barbecue away from the house and never under awning or on your porch

  • Heating devices:

 Be smart with portable heating devices and keep them safely away from combustibles

  • Holiday decorations:

Christmas trees should be kept away from the fireplace

  • Smoking:

 Smoke outdoors and always fully extinguish the cigarette or cigar butt

A fire is an urgent matter, as is fire damage restoration service. If one affects your home or business, you must take action immediately and hire a company that is experienced at restoring the premises back to its pre-fire condition. It can take two hours to mitigate the situation and then several hours or even days to do the actual restoration. This includes deodorizing, cleaning, structural drying, smoke and odor removal and water damage remediation.

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