Many homes are built on a slab of concrete that is level with the soil around it. It is known as concrete slab construction. Water, sewage and gas pipes going into the home are routed underneath and then through the concrete slab foundation of the home. Any leak either in the concrete foundation or underneath the foundation is known as a slab leak. It is important to look into slab leak repair solutions right away after a leak is discovered. Slab leaks can lead to many problems. Anything exposed to water like hardwood floors or carpets will quickly become moldy. Hardwood floors can warp over time. Even the foundation itself could become damaged if the leak is not attended to. Putting it off is not an option.

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All types of metals, when exposed to water long enough, can begin to rust and corrode. Even copper pipes can do this eventually. As homes grow older they sometimes will settle a bit further down into the soil. This can cause problems with pipes.

Slab leaks can go for long periods of time before they are recognized. Concrete and flooring have to begin showing signs of a leak and by this time the leak may have been going on a long time. There are certain signs one can look for. If the floor is warm in a certain area then a hot water pipe may be leaking. Sudden low water pressure may be another indicator of a problem. Wet spots that keep occurring on the floor or damp spots could be an indicator that a major problem is happening and it is time to inform a plumber of the situation.

Slab leak repair solutions need to be looked at. Many times hacking away at the concrete can gain one access to the leaking pipe. For a commercial business, this can be a good option but for a homeowner, a different approach might need to be used. Re-Piping and Re-Routing might be a good option. The old pipes are left in place and new pipes are put in. Sometimes they can go around the outside of the house or they could be re-routed through the attic. It means more work as far as plumbing goes but the flooring will remain as is. In general, for a homeowner, it is a better way of doing things.

A type of piping called Flexible PEX Pipes can be used as a lower-cost alternative to traditional piping. Putting in new piping in this way will make it easier to access if any problems should arise in the future. For minor leaks, a nontoxic inner coating can line the pipes. This will stop the leak.

Slab leak repair solutions can be done by plumbers. They can do things such as clear out the main water lines going into a housing unit. Clogged lines can cause erosion to occur in the pipes over time so it is important for this and other reasons to fix this problem if it occurs.

Sometimes whole piping systems need to be accessed and taken out and replaced. Old rusted out galvanized steel can be a problem. Cutting of the cement with a concrete saw can be done to get at the problem. There are new and more modern types of piping on the market today. When the old piping is replaced by the new piping it is like night and day. The plumbing situation will be fixed with modern piping that is made to last longer than the older methods of pipe installation. New piping will make your home or business worth more.

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