Septic Tank Repairs and Replacements Should Be Done by Professionals

Residential homes out in the rural areas do not have excess to centralized sewer systems. They depend on wastewater treatment structures that are underground. The wastewater is treated by technology and nature. The plumbing in the home used by the bathrooms, laundry and kitchen drains all connect to a septic tank. The system is made up of a tank and an absorption field or a drain field.

Liquids and solids are separated. The liquids, including oils and grease, along with the wastewater is sent down perforated pipes to the leaching fields and released into the soil. The solids are directed down to the underground tank where chemicals treat the solids.


Additives to Septic Tanks

Manufacturers have promoted many kinds of additives for use in the home or business. They are supposed to reduce the buildup of odors and sludge in the tank. Very little has been proven that they do the job they were made to do. Your plumber will have the proper solution for your tank. In 2011, consumers could have chosen any one of the 1200 additives to use in their septic tanks that were on the market.

Services for Septic Tank

When a septic tank needs to be pumped out, it is best to call on a professional plumbing contractor. Professional plumbers who work on septic tank systems albuquerque nm, are well equipped with the right tools and the knowledge to make all the necessary repairs. The trucks all have the proper tools to make your tank pump out go quickly and without any problems. Residential septic tanks should be pumped out about every 3 years.

When you do make the appointment to have your tank pumped, the plumbers will open the ground on top of your tank, pump out the septic tank and take away all the waste. The waste from your tank is taken to a processing facility that will treat the waste before disposal. All environmental regulations and laws are followed. The septic tank waste will not be of any hazard to the surrounding environment.

Professional plumbers not only pump out septic tanks, but they can also repair or replace a worn-out tank. Old and damaged septic tanks should be replaced so you have a system that is always running in peak condition. Plumbers have all the excavation equipment needed and the knowledge on how to replace your tank safely and quickly.

When you have your plumber come out to inspect your septic system, he may notice that there is damage to the drain pipes in the field. He can fix the lines, so the waste water runs more efficiently into the surface of the ground. Your plumber should also have available some environmentally friendly products in which he will deposit into the tank. These products will help to keep the odor at bey and break-up any sludge that is forming.

Plumbers are also available 24/7 for emergency situations. Pipes do not always burst at the most opportune time. They can come and service any broken lines, pump the tank and take care of repairs quickly.

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