Renovating an Old House, Here’s What You Can Do To Beautify It!

Who says renovating an old house is easier than building a new one? Precisely if it is not right, there will be many problems that will even cost more.

If you decide to renovate your home, you don’t really need to do it as a whole. However, you can ignore some parts of the house that are still suitable for use.

Before renovating an old house, you should pay attention to things that are more important. Here’s how to renovate an old house:

1 Check Overall Condition of the Building

The first thing you have to do is check the entire condition of the building. Check the floors, walls, pillars, and all parts of your old house. See if anything has been damaged or turns out to be in good condition.
Well, if you find any damage to the walls of the house. such as cracks, then start doing repairs from the wall. Another case, if the pillars of your house are damaged. you can patch the damaged support pole or replace the pole as a whole if the damage is very severe.

2 Use used materials that are still worth using

Well, this one thing you can try. For example, you have building materials obtained from the demolition of old houses. If you are still fit for use, there’s nothing wrong with using it again.
Don’t be afraid if it looks dull, because you can paint or refinish it with the color you like. For example, window sills, doors, floor tiles and so on. You can redesign according to your taste. because besides saving costs, you can also practice to be creative.

3 Update Existing Furniture

When talking about old houses, maybe what comes to mind is the furniture in the house. looks dull unkempt. But, it will not be said as an old house if the furniture in it still looks good and looks new.
Therefore, you can choose to buy new furniture or modify old furniture. However, it’s a good idea to replace it with new furniture. because your old house will definitely look fresher and more beautiful. Meanwhile, you can resell old furniture.

4 Change Room Functions

The next thing you can do in an old house is to change the function of the room. Sometimes old houses have a division of space that is not quite right. For example, the living room which should not be wider than the bedroom or kitchen, you can customize according to your creativity.

5 Check Your Home’s Lights and Electronics

Usually, an old house will have problems with lights and electronic equipment. This is only natural because it has not been used for a long time, which causes no electricity supply to maintain the performance of the engine.
Therefore, you have to check all the electronic devices in the old house, for example the lightning system, such as light bulbs.
Usually, light bulbs that have not been used for a long time will turn yellow and are not suitable for use anymore, so just replace them with new ones.

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