Most Used Compression Tools For The Electric Industry

Every industry has its own system of tools used. If you are a mechanic, then you likely use electric tools. Or air compressed tools. If you are a banker then you likely use calculators and computers as your major tools. If you are in the electric industry then you will likely come across a compression tool at some point.

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What Is A Compression Tool?

Basically, a compression tool is what it sounds like. It is a tool that utilizes compression to do a specific job. Some of the tools twist wire. Some of the tools cut wire. Some of the tools cut other things. Compression tools are very common in the electric industry.

What Are They Used For?

Their main purpose is cutting or compressing. There are a couple different types of compression tool depending on the use. There is a pistol grip type compression tool. The pistol grip type compression tool is best used for open spaces. This is common among line men. Where it is likely that they have more open space and need more power. That is where the pistol grip tool comes into play. There are other compression type tools that are designed for smaller spaces. In the electric world that is likely indoors. Where you may be working between studs or drywall. In that case a pistol grip style would not work as well as a streamlined grip compression tool.

Compression Tool in the Electric Industry

There are many different types of compression tools. Here are the four that you are most likely to come across in the electricity industry.

1 The Six Ton Compression Tool

This compression tool has a 1.8 inch head opening. It is the pistol grip. It is typically used for and designed for service entrance work. This is a great tool for smaller jobs that need less power and more accuracy in the compression.

2 The Six Ton StreamLined Tool

This tool is great for interior work because it has a streamlined handle. It is good where the work is in tight areas. Especially work in tight areas that don’t need as much power. Both the six ton tools are not built for heavy compression. They are for areas where less compression is needed. This tool has the option of switching the heads out. So you can use it in many different applications.

3 Twelve Ton Compression Tool

Have you ever needed a convenient tool that is perfect for working overhead? This twelve ton tool is perfect for that. It is perfect for large jobs where plenty of compression is needed. Once Again it is a pistol grip. So best used in new builds or areas where there is plenty of space for the tool to be used. The great thing about this compression tool is that the heads are removable. So you can actually switch out the heads and use the same tool for many different applications.

4 The Cable Cutter

The cable cutter is a large sized pistol grip tool that is great for large jobs and large cutting jobs. It has a two inch jaw opening. It easily slices copper and aluminum quickly. It is gear driven which makes it less prone to wear and tear.


In the end, compression tools have a place in a few industries but the electric industry is well known for their use. They are used for many applications from cutting to striping a wire. They are a somewhat specialized tool for a specific purpose. If you are in the electric industry then check out these common tools needed for compression.

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