Minimalist house door models, from simple to super luxurious

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The house door model also has its own style and design concept, from simple to super luxurious.

 In recent years, trends in architectural and interior styles are more dominant and tend towards minimalism. But, what exactly is meant by minimalism?

Basically, minimalist architecture is a modification of the modern style flow.

Basically, minimalist architecture is a modification of the modern style flow. This modern design concept was later reduced. It was stripped down, the parts deemed unnecessary, leaving only the essential elements. This flow is often interpreted as a reaction to the style of expressionism.

When talking about minimalist concepts or styles, most people immediately think about home design, furniture models, house paint color combinations, or even lifestyle. In fact, there is one thing that is often overlooked, especially regarding the design and architectural elements of the house; he is a model of the door of the house.

Yes. The house door model is one of the design and architectural elements of the house that is no less important to think about. Although its main function is to keep the house safe and as a link or barrier between the inside and outside or the exterior, the door also has its own style, shape and design. And you are free to define and dress this section with the best design concept.

Doors provide privacy, protection and separation, and they can be stylish while still providing those main functions. A cool door can be a design statement and a conversation starter. Or it can be an entrance to a hallway or hidden room.

Here are some models of exterior and interior doors, complete with some practical information on materials, as well as costs.

Minimalist Home Door Models for the Outside, or Exterior Doors

Exterior doors have to balance form as well as function, says Dan DiClerico, home expert at Home Advisor.

“The front door must be durable enough to withstand the weather and potential intruders, as well as being attractive enough to enhance the overall appearance of your home,” said Dan, as quoted by Home Advisor.

DiClerico recommends using architectural services when you are choosing a door.

“A simple steel door would suit a modern minimalist home. Meanwhile, carved wooden doors with coverings and top windows would be appropriate for a more traditional home, such as craftsman or colonial, ”explains DiClerico.

Plus Minus the Most Popular Types of Exterior Doors

Exterior door designs are available in a variety of materials. There are several types of materials that are commonly used and are becoming the most popular:

Wooden Door Model

Home door designs with natural materials have a higher artistic impression compared to synthetic door models. Some examples of natural door model materials are wood and plywood.

This type of teak is the most popular among home owners. Although the price is quite expensive, teak wood is of a high enough quality and makes its owner proud.

Plus: Wood is a solid material, durable and weather resistant. If there is damage or dents, it is very easy to repair.

Minus: The price is relatively expensive and requires regular maintenance, including periodic painting and coloring.

House Door Models Made From Fiberglass

The basic ingredients of pvc and aluminum are also quite sought after by residential owners, especially in minimalist homes.

Seen from the point of view of need, the basic materials for this door design are presented as a solution to disasters such as frequent floods. It is the opposite of the wooden door model. The wood material is considered not durable if it is often exposed to water. Fiberglass is also the most practical solution to these problems.

Plus: More practical. Fiberglass has the elements, performance and easier maintenance. This type of door is also very easy to paint or recolor so that it can change the appearance according to your needs.

Minus: Its synthetic material makes fiberglass prone to cracking.

Steel Door Model

Mild steel that is ready to install saves a lot of time working on various building projects that are carried out. In some situations, even the construction of a type 36 house reportedly only takes about 1 week with the use of this new building material.

This steel or mild steel material is also widely used as the main material for house doors. This also emphasizes a touch of contemporary style on the door design.

Plus: A very popular choice today is steel which is durable, safe and affordable. Making it the best choice.

Minuses: Steel doors are prone to dents and scratches, and are very difficult to repair.

Interior Door Model

When choosing an interior door, the options seem endless. From traditional hinged doors, to sliding doors with contemporary concepts.

The use of a sliding door model may be the best option. It saves space by not swinging into the room. Common sliding doors, with wardrobes, are great for letting in light into a room that doesn’t have many window openings.

But you need to pay attention, if you have time to think about using interior doors for the outside, don’t ever do that, said Dr. Rick D. Johnson of Johnson Professionals, Inc.

He said; “Exterior doors are usually 36 ″ wide, while interior doors are not (30 ″) wide, so cutting is required.” Apart from that, he also mentioned that the exterior doors are designed for rain, snow and UV rays. “So the interior doors used on the outside can expand and then curve.” he said, as quoted from home advisor.

Plus Minus Most Popular Interior Doors

Interior Door Models Made From Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF)

Fiberboard is a type of composite product made of wood particles that are bonded with synthetic adhesive or other binding materials. Based on its density, fiberboard is divided into 3 groups, namely:

Low density particleboard (low density particleboard) is a board that has a density of less than 0.4 g / cm3.

Medium density fiber board (medium density particleboard) is a board that has a density of 0.4-0.8 g / cm3.

High density fiber board (high density particleboard), which is a board that has a density of more than 0.8 g / cm3.

Here are the advantages and disadvantages of using fiberboard as a material for interior doors:

Plus: This material is durable and stable, so it is impossible to warp. It has a better texture, because it is straighter and smoother when compared to plywood. This will later be useful in lamination or other coating processes. With a flatter, smoother and straighter texture, the coating will be easier, resulting in a fairly good product quality.

Minus: Doesn’t look like real wood.

Interior Door Model Made from Hollow Core Slab (HCS)

Is a hollow prestressed precast concrete slab material that functions as a substitute for concrete floor slabs. HCS or hollow core slabs can be used for concrete structures and steel structures, and are suitable for various types of buildings such as residential houses, shop houses, malls, parking buildings, hotels, apartments, and others. In general, HCS materials use ready mix concrete with K-450 concrete quality.

Pluses: Made of plywood or composite molded around a perforated core, these doors are the cheapest. The bottom surface of the HCS material is generally neat / exposed finish so that it can become an exposed ceiling surface.

Minus: The material is very thin.

Solid-Core Doors Model

Made with a layer of quality wood glued on top of a solid composite, the price is relatively affordable but quite sturdy. Due to the high density of wood, these doors are actually heavier and stronger than other types of doors.

Plus: These mid-priced doors are much more affordable than wood. Solid-core doors offer good fire resistance when they are at least 1.75 inches thick.

Minuses: This isn’t a DIY-friendly door – it takes at least two people for installation.

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