Home Garden Functions and Benefits

Occupancy is not only about the strength of the building or about architecture. The outside of the residence, including home garden, is one of the important and interesting things to discuss.

Although currently the size of the land to build a house is not always wide, but many people still want to create a home garden, even in a small size.

Of course, a home garden can make a residence more beautiful and beautiful, especially if it is in big cities, of course the presence of a garden can bring a calm feel and cooler air.

So, are you considering building a garden in your new home? To be more confident, here are some of the benefits of a home garden that you must know.

Beautify Your Home

One of the benefits of a home garden certainly adds aesthetic value to the dwelling, especially if the garden is well-maintained and overgrown with many plants and flowers.

The first impression on a dwelling or building is the exterior. Therefore, the presence of a garden can give a certain impression on the house as a whole.

The garden in the residence does not need to be large, you can create a garden at home by utilizing the available space.

Even though the garden is small, the most important thing is of course optimal care so that it looks beautiful.

Sport at Home

The rapid spread of the virus makes some people still afraid to exercise outside the home. But with a garden at home, you don’t have to bother looking for a place to sweat.

This one benefit can provide land for sunbathing in the morning and doing other activities such as yoga or aerobics. No need to spend time driving to the gym, now you can easily do exercise in your park. Vintage lawn darts can be used for sports together in the home garden, you can get vintage lawn darts for sale in the marketplace.

Fighting Pollution

The next benefit of the home garden is being able to filter carbon dioxide that will enter the house.

For that it’s good to know the types of plants that are able to absorb dirty air. In addition, the process of photosynthesis from plants that produce oxygen will certainly be very useful for us.

Some indoor or outdoor plants that you can buy such as silver philodendron, weeping fig, mother-in-law’s tongue plant, dracaena, and many more.

Bringing a Cool Atmosphere to the Home

The presence of a garden at home certainly provides greater benefits than just adding aesthetic value.

As a supplier of oxygen, living plants can also automatically bring a fresher atmosphere to the dwelling and the environment also feels more beautiful. Of course, this can be a solution for homes in big cities with high levels of pollution.

Area to Spend Free Time

Bored at home all the time and want to enjoy the fresh air? If you have a garden, of course this can be a relaxing area while spending free time.

Even the presence of a garden can be the right choice of place to unwind after a long day of work. For that, you can complete your home garden with a patio or small terrace as a place to sit.

Your Hobby

Another benefit of a home garden is as a stress reliever because it can be a place to do a new hobby, namely gardening.

Gardening or just taking care of various plants can certainly be a fun activity, especially during a pandemic like now.

Useful for Water Catchment Area

In addition, the park can also be a water catchment area on a small scale which of course can reduce the risk of flooding. So leave a little land to make a garden in the yard, yes.

Or if you have a large yard, the benefits of a home garden are not only as a water catchment area, but also a source of water reserves.

Quality Time Area with Family

The garden at home can be used as an area to relax with family. While looking at the green plants, complete family togetherness with a cup of warm tea and snacks. If the park land is large enough, take the time to hold a small picnic with relatives or friends.

In addition to the quality time area, another benefit is as an alternative working space. When you are tired of working indoors and need to find creative ideas, move your workplace for a moment to your home garden. Your eyes and mind will be refreshed when you see beautiful leaves and flowers.

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