Creating a Backyard Haven

Most people have a decent sized backyard, but they are not quite sure how to make the most of that outdoor space. Many homeowners stop at a swing set for the kids and a picnic table. Although this is nice, you can be getting a lot more entertainment out of your yard.

Set Aside a Designated Area
The goal is to create an outdoor area that your entire family will enjoy. The first step is to decide where it will be. It helps to picture it as an outdoor room. What is going to be the floor? Do you have an already existing patio or deck? If not, this is something you would want to have installed. Whether you have it connected to the house or not is up to you. Both have their advantages.
Privacy as a Priority
Next you will want to build “walls.” Think of the walls as a row of hedge bushes, railings, or a privacy fence. It is simply a way of designating the space from the rest of the yard.  Jacksonville screen enclosures from professionals such as CORE Outdoors will also do the trick while providing a bit of added protection. This is the time to think about including a gate, doorway, or path leading out onto the lawn. This will give you access to the yard as well as making the space feel like it truly is a part of your outdoor area.
Furnish with Creature Comforts
If your outdoor space doesn’t function well, you won’t be inclined to use it. Think about how and when you will be in this area. If you want to be able to go outside in the early spring or during the autumn season, use a fire pit as the centerpiece. Arrange seating in a circle around it to make a conversation area. Maybe you want to host outdoor meals. Install a grill, sink, and counter space along one wall. Place an outdoor dining set in the middle with plenty of chairs around the table. Add decorative accessories to make the space feel personal and inviting.
By implementing some of these suggestions you will be able to create a haven for your family and friends. It will be a relaxing, inviting space that everyone will enjoy, and if you do it correctly, it can be utilized throughout the year.

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