From various types of homes, minimalist type of house seemed to be excellent for lovers of the property world, no wonder if a minimalist type of house increasingly become a trend today. In addition to the concept that seemed simple and modern, the price and cost of making a minimalist home was lower. When viewed in terms of building form, the character of a minimalist house is as follows:

The existence of the form or construction of a straight line with a flat field

There is a module repetition

Construction for the volume is metric

The interior shape of the room is sequential and has many functions

The structure system is neat and clear

In addition, in building a minimalist house there are also some important points that must be considered, including:

Determining Home Design

The first step in building a minimalist house is to determine the design of the house according to your taste. By designing your own dream home, then the comfort and satisfaction will be more pronounced. But in designing the house, you also need to pay attention to the minimalist aspects of the design of the house that you build, then do the proper planning.

Color Game

Through color, you can also create your dream home minimalist. Better choose bright colors in order to give the impression of the room, on the contrary, dark colors actually even make your minimalist home seem narrow. Blending the right colors will make your home look more elegant and attractive.

Interior Arrangement

Furniture is one component of interior that serves as a sweetener room. In a minimalist house, you should avoid the use of furniture that is too much and also avoid large furniture because it will only make your room feel cramped and also disturb the comfort of residents. We recommend to choose furniture that is simple, unique and not too big, so your minimalist home interior will look more attractive.

Choose Quality Building Materials

Use quality materials to make your home stronger and longer lasting so that it can reduce maintenance costs. For example in the use of the roof, you can use fiber cement roof, this material is known to be more practical and not easy to leak. For the roof, you can use quality products, quality have extraordinary durability with durability of more than 50 years, in addition, quality have various variants, so it can be tailored to the theme and design of your home. In addition to sturdy and durable, quality is also easy in installation and the price is affordable.

Everyone has different views on building a house. However, I am sure that everyone has the same purpose in building a house, which has a safe dwelling, comfortable, even perfect for its standards. Then, does having the perfect occupancy possible? Of course! You can adopt some of the following philosophies to help when building or perhaps renovating your home.


All must depart from what you really want, a clear goal, what you want to accomplish, and what things you enjoy from a home. For the house to match, you should be able to answer questions such as how many rooms you want, how many square meters of your home size and what style you want for a home. Next, you can design more detailed plans.

Today the need for a comfortable, efficient and practical home is very high. Given that most people in this era spend more time outside the home than the time to chat together at home, then it is necessary home comfortable for your family.

Hire Professional Services

When you are sick of course you want to entrust your health to the experts, that is a qualified doctor. As with home, you should consider hiring the services of architects, designers, interior designers and other professionals for you. In addition to professional considerations, it is also worth considering the personal aspects. Look for architects or designers who listen and provide constructive feedback for your plan so that the project can run efficiently.

Create a Plan

Shopping in supermarkets with grocery lists will give different results with no shopping list, which makes us more likely to buy things that are actually less needed. So also in building a house. Make a written plan for building a house so that no important aspects are missed or forgotten by you.

Think Big, Small, Enough

Thinking big does not mean thinking of owning a big house. Thinking big means thinking big ideas, like how a house can represent your character, how the concept of the home surface, how the roof concept touches the sky, and other great things. When designing a home, building a house or just renovating a kitchen often involves a lot of considerations and great ideas in the process. However, sometimes you just think about details by minimizing the options and seeing them all in a smaller spectrum.  Sometimes better than big ideas or small details are things in between. Thinking about enough things as a complement to your home may be the best philosophy of completing a home. For example, think about creating a simple balcony with a small table in the center or a beautiful terrace with warm shades of color.

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