Bathroom Design Mistakes According to Feng Shui

In arranging a room, feng shui can be applied to achieve balance and positive energy. Feng shui translates as wind and water and is also related to yin and yang. These are opposing, yet complementary forces that must be kept in balance.

Here are some mistakes in applying bathroom feng shui.

Lack of lighting

The first feng shui mistake that is often made in the bathroom is the lack of lighting. Usually this wet area is darker than other rooms in the house because it is usually located in the furthest part of the house. However, it is very important to ensure that there is plenty of light. A dark room causes the cold, dense energy that represents yin to take over and throws the harmony out of balance. The solution, you need to make sure as much natural light as possible can enter the room and paint it with a light color like white or cream. This will help offset the darkness associated with a small bathroom.

Decoration with the wrong material

Bathroom decoration is very important in feng shui. Considering that this is often a dark and damp area, it is necessary to balance the space with decorative objects related to wood, fire and earth. Use plants to do this, which have two elements: earth and wood. You can also use a wicker basket in the bathroom, which is useful for storing towels or toilet paper.

No fire element

The fire element is one of the unavoidable elements of the bathroom, according to feng shui. Thus, his absence is one of the mistakes you should avoid. To do this, you can hang a large painting (or three small paintings on one wall. Just make sure the colors are red or orange. By doing this, the sun’s energy will dominate.

There is chaos

The bathroom is a very important place. In it, you spend time that is important for your physical and mental well-being. This is why you should avoid clutter, as it will only overload the room.

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