4 Features to Include in Your Dream Home

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When you’re designing your dream home, it should be everything you want it to be. That’s the purpose of designing a home instead of purchasing a ready-made plan, so go all out and make it yours. If you’re looking for some ideas on how to truly make it unique, the following are some features you could include in your dream home.

Two Kitchens

If you’re into entertaining, having two kitchens is a must. If you frequently entertain outdoors, be sure your home plans include access to an outdoor kitchen. If you are building a big party room in the basement or above the garage, include the second kitchen in that area for ease of access when you’re throwing a party.

Water Features

If your family enjoys swimming, add an indoor or outdoor pool. If you just enjoy a hot soak, include a hot tub. There are also waterfalls, bird baths, streams, reflection pools and a variety of other water features you could have someone add to your home using CAD services Concord CA.

A Hidden Room

Whether you have valuables you want to hide out of sight, or you’re just one for something different and exciting, include a hidden room in your new home design. The hidden room could connect two rooms with bookshelves that function as doors. It could be your soundproof media room. It could also be a study. Your imagination is the limit.

A Fireplace or Two

You don’t have to fill your home with smoke to enjoy a fireplace. There are a lot of natural gas and electric fireplaces that add ambiance, but not the soot of burning wood. Consider a fireplace next to your jetted tub or in the master bedroom. Add a fireplace to the veranda. Install a fireplace in the living room or the basement. Fireplaces make the space cozy and inviting, regardless of where you install them.

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