3 Practical Tips for Keeping Your Fridge Smelling Fresh

Your refrigerator arguably works harder than any other tool in your kitchen. By plugging away 24/7, this often-underappreciated appliance is able to preserve a wide variety of perishables for long periods. In light of the large volume of foods and beverages stored in most refrigerators, there’s little wonder as to why fridges frequently find themselves beset by bad smells. Fortunately, keeping your refrigerator aroma-free isn’t nearly as difficult as many of us make it look. In the quest to keep your fridge safe from bad smells, the following tips are sure to prove useful.

1. Absorb the Odors with Baking Soda

Having something in place to absorb any unpleasant odors is among the most effective ways to protect your fridge from bad smells. This is where baking soda enters the picture. Keeping an opened box of baking soda in your fridge can soak up and neutralize a wide variety of … Read more


We all see golf courses with grasses that are so perfectly trimmed and cared for that the ball would just breeze through it like it’s a regular pavement.  The question now is how to plant grass seed on a golf course resulting to such perfection?  Sure enough, we need to consider the fact that golf courses are professionally maintained (with the best lawn mower) for the satisfaction of their members and other clienteles.  They literally pour money over their courses and they conduct special studies and planning on the land area that they have specifically for the type and method of grass planting that they’ll apply.

How to plant grass seed and other methods of planting on a golf course

To be fully aware of the idea why golf course grasses grow the way we see it, we can’t focus our attention solely to the idea of how to … Read more